Sunday, January 9, 2011

dh grad!! (part 1)


Alhamdulillah, on the 27th of December 2010, i have submitted my hard cover thesis for my Bachelor of Biotechnology degree.

Whoaa.... its been ... hmm... what should i say here.... mmm... a journey with many straight and winding roads, sometimes if you drive it too fast, you'll get a summon from the police plus maintenance works, it kinda slows down your progress and so on.... but with tremendous support, encouragements and helped from my supervisors, lecturers, staffs, friends and family it is completed!!

Spending 4 years in IIUM Kuantan, being the first science batch trully starting in Kuantan, it was really a tough journey and life, at first few years, there were only a few facilities available, for example is that you've to take bus to the mosque (located outside the campus) as at that time IIUM Kuantan doesn't have a mosque yet, limited numbers of cafe opening but as the years goes by, these things are improving at a fast pace.... but.... for me, at the earlier years, i do have the luxury of staying in the Mahallah(hostel), but at the second year of my study, we have to move outside( the new hostel is still in development), to make room for the juniors and also the sisters, as of right now, sisters reside inside the campus, whilst the brothers outside...

throughout the years, as i get myself involves with various programs inside and outside the campus, has really thought me the essences of life. you'll learn how to deal with people, your subordinates and also improving your pr skills... but the one program that i was really satisfied was being able to coordinate and participate in an international trips to visit universities in hong kong. it was something quite impossible to achieve at first and almost losing hope or surrendering it... but thanks to my colleagues(they worked extremely hard and i salute them) and advisor and staffs of IIUM, with the limited budget and all, we've managed to board the flight to hong kong. i do admit that there are still loopholes, but as you go further in life, you'll tend to be better and learn more from experiences....

memories??? well i do......

end of part one