Sunday, November 30, 2008

An update ...................


It's been quite sometime that I've updated my blog here. The internet connection had been down since last Tuesday(almost a week you can say). The circuit for the Streamyx box in Changlun was struck by lightning. It was replaced this afternoon after a complaint had been lodged. It was slow.. They really took all the time they need.

Been very busy the past week. As some might've known, I had pass the driving test. The test was done in a rainy day and the field of vision weren't good. Thank God I'd pass. If not, it will another horrid experience. At the testing site. You can see a lot of interesting things.Some were overconfident. Some were a bit worried. Some talks as if he can do it, but apparently not as well as he could. The JPJ officer were quite nice especially the pak cik-pak cik. The mak cik -mak cik however, was the opposite. You know what I mean right. They just make you more nervous. We just need a little cheerfulnes to overcome the nervousity.

My cousin got married last Saturday. Had to be there from Friday to Saturday in Air Hitam, Kedah, helping my aunts and uncles. There's interesting tale............... I wanna leave it to next time.

Happy Holiday!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A story of annoyance...


It's been a while I haven't updated my blog. Nurilahi been bugging me to update my blog, so here there are...... Been very busy lately, got my driver test tomorrow. Anyway, here I would like to share with you about a guy from a friend of mine. He(my friend) had been telling me stories about this guy he met a long time ago . Its quite interestig though......

Here is just the summary....Whatever he says is right in his judgement. That guy in a certain sense can not takes the ideas from other people. He want people to follow and obey him. People usually keep quiet and just follow bluntly in order to avoid any hostility. Its just that whenever you talk back, he always have a way to get back at you. His action sometimes really annoys those near to him. What ever he said is different from what he did.S o, the best solution my friend said is to just keep quiet and never hit back. Just keep all of your anger secluded in your heart. Don't know when its going to burst though.... My friend had become irritated to the point that he just listen and reply to any question he ask awkwardly.

Listening to his story makes me think. This kind of person my friend been describing can't last long in this world. You've got to listen to others. If not a 'told you so' will happened later on. A pain in the neck will surely make you want to avoid that guy.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheap vs Expensive


Cheap versus Expensive. The title here can mean anything. I think the both of the term here covers from a human being to non living being. What the heck I'm babbling about..... To put it at ease, I would like to make a comparison of these two term.

  • Expensive stuff last longer ain't it? This is indeed true. During my secondary school years, I usually bought my black shoes from Bata. This shoes cost only RM30.00 at that time. It only lasted a year with the shoes getting ready to be ripped in half. Then when I was form 4, I've bought a pair from Levi which cost RM150.00. The cost is 5 times more expensive than the Bata's. Surprise-surprise, it lasted till my 2nd year at the IIUM Matriculation Center. The shoes is still ok, but my dad had used to do the gardening stuff. Now, its too messy and had to be thrown away.....sob..sob...

  • Cheap stuff sometimes better than the expensive one. Hmm, this statement is hard to describe.. if you look at it at one side its true. Try compare a cheap sugar(cheap brand) and expensive sugar(expensive brand). Both are sugar and tasted the same. Better buy the cheaper one then. You can save a lot of money.
Lets digress a bit.
This holiday I'll be taking my driver's license- 24th November. A license to grill anyone I like. Pray for me that I pass. Apart from that, got to mow the grass around my house. Should take a week to complete, since the premise is big. And finally, my cousin is getting married this 29th November at Air Hitam, Kedah which is KM 18 Jln Putra. It'll be a bit busy for me.( My aunt urged me to come and help her). Again finally, my little brother will 'bersunat' this 1st December. Got to take care of him for a while... Congrats to my 'anak saudara', Faiz n Along(can't remember her real name though) for getting 4A n 1B for the UPSR. This is just the beginning, long way to go.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Clean your pc , laptop, notebook


Most people had been complaining to me why their pc or laptop has become like a "snail" over the years if compared to the time when they bought their new hardware. Thare are many reasons as to why your computer is behaving like a snail.  Here, I've listed a few.....

  1.  One of the reason is that you may have a too many install program which you haven't used for some time or even at all. These kind of program do eat a lot of your hard disk. Uninstall those that you don't want. There are many software avaible. As suggested by this month CHIP magazine, try the Revo Uninstaller . 

Here's the link  

2. Another eason is your registry. Some of your registry might have been corrupted and defective. These kind of thing tend to make your pc a bit slower than usual. I've usually use Tune Up 's Registry Cleaner because it's much easier .You can also C Cleaner. Here the download link:

3. Viruses, spyware, trojan is another headache. These kind of thing will certainly make your conputer slower in term of perfomance. Some of them are so smart that it can disabled your antivirus update system. The best way is that to have an antivirus and a spyware program separately. I've been using Spyware Terminator and AVG 8. So far the combination of those two really help me a lot. More importantly, your software must be up to date, update your's everyday if possible. If you want to have a go, here's the link:

There are more, but I leave it to next time. The three I've listed are the usual thing which might cause your computer to be a slow runner...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts....................


Kasih Iftitah had just ended. The ending was somewhat far from most people expected. It just shows that people sometimes can be very loyal in their love. For those who doesn't know, its a Malay drama potraying how strong can love be and also the betrayal that one can face in order to gain power. It's a great drama, my friends are very passionate about it, with each predicting the outcome of the drama after each episode.

4 papers gone, another 1 to go. Luckily the gap is almost like 5 days before facing the exam. I hope I can give my fullest for that paper.

With reference to Nurilahi , yes the IIUM Kuantan students is heading for winter during these times. It's going to be so cold that you'llbe shivering as if you was in the artic. Better bring a sweater or coat to protect yourself from frostbites. Exams can kill you.

I had heard from my dad, that once a student had hanged himself/herself( I can't remember whether its a he or she). The reason was that the individual doesn't get the CGPA that he or she wanted. (I can't reveal the Univ sadly. People might not want to enroll there if I revealed it).Its a true story well known among the students. Its not the end of your life if you had failed miserably as if the whole world is crumbling upon you. There is still hope. We humans tend to make mistakes. From that, some of us will learn not to repeat it again. However, if you can't take it, just follow my advice. Make your final jump and hope your misery will be gone.

Another last word, cooking is just becoming another hobby for me. Well I've endured some of the Malay cuisine. Hmm, I want to try something new........................................