Saturday, September 27, 2008


Salam Aidilfitri.

Minal Aidil Wa Fa Izin


Salam Ramadhan.

Its been a few day since I've arrive home. Changlun is where is home. Suprisingly, I arrive at Changlun a bit earlier than usual. Usually I'll arrive home at 8 in the morning. The ride was Durian Burung double decker bus. Later, around 10 am, I'd accompany my friend to Padang Besar for bussiness matters. Lets left that for another time, shall we.

Still a few days of Ramadan to go. Recently, I had the chance to go the mosque at my kampung. There's something that annoys me though, its the way they(not all but some) recite the selawat during the tarawih prayer. These individuals tends to shout as if they their throats are coming out. It becomes more annoying when the kids join in. And the weird things is that there's an additional kalimah to the salawat, which is "fadlammin alllah wa niqmah" becomes "fadlaminnallah hi taala wa ni'mah....",I don't know whether its right or wrong, but it slips away from the 'mainstream' from other places that I had attend for tarawih. Here its difficult to advice these people. They are dumbly stubborn and won't budge in to any advice. Its like a Malay saying "umpama mencurah air ke daun keladi". Experience has it those who try to advice will be mock back and deem as busybody. Well, that's village life for you....

P.S: Recently, A friend of mine told me that I was tagged. I know what tagged means but what is it?? Sorry, I'm not as young as I used to be.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Studying guide... from MNM


Here is a few common study tips which is famous in certain sense....

1. Always study last minute. Based on a research, it seem that studying last minute, your brain can accumulate all the info pertaining for the exam. pick 2-3 days to study before your exam. It really work!!

2. Nag your lecturer about the exam. Always ask her or him about the exam question. Do it subtly. Always be a good and proactive student and when you had the chance go for it. Humans heart can be melted even though how 'tough' it is.

3. Cheat is not bad, its good. Cheating or copying in a certain sense is deemed as wrong and the person doing it is bad. In the academic context, cheating is not bad, in fact its good. By copying your friends work, we can help him to detect any mistakes that he or she had done and we can also make our assignment better than them. Muahaha (evil laugh)

A quote from my lecturer 'the less, the better'. So, I think three point is enough here for today. Gaining knowledge is important whether its good or bad. But for certain time, you'll need to be bad... in order to be successful.

Well then, cheerio..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Harga Tiket

Salam Ramadhan,

Raya tggl jer lg dlm 20 hari. Orang ramai pun telah bermula membeli tiket balik ke kampung sejak hujung Ogos lagi. Pada awalnya, kita diberitahu kerana bas tambahan tiada, jadi kita bergegas ke kaunter tiket semata-mata nak secure tiket sebelum balik ke mana-mana untuk raya nanti. Tapi, boleh tarik nafas lega, bila bas tambahan on balik. Faham-fahamla bas tambahan ni macam mana, kalau dapat yang buruk, lepas tu takde aircond, memang azab la.
Anyway, sejak awal September lagi, tiket ke tempat 'panas' sudah habis . 25-31hb dh habis awal lagi. Namun harga tiket telah meningkat sebanyak 30% sebagai surcaj minyak. Harga minyak dah turun.. Kenapa surcaj masih dikenakan sebegitu tggi. Kalo naik dalam 20% boleh diterima lagi. Aiyoo, kalo bg student, pyh nak balik umah lagi la lepas ni. Kalo nak balik pun, kna fikir 2-3 kali juga. Dengar criter, ada member yang kena bayar RM100.00 semata-mata nak balik beraya di Kedah dari JB (one way).

Berikut harga tiket bas yang dijual untuk balik raye nanti:

Kuantan ke:
Kuala perlis--> RM62.00
Alor Star --> RM54.00
Butterwoth--> RM54.00
Kuala Lumpur --> RM21.00
Johor Bahru --> RM30.80

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bihun Sup


Well, its already been a few days we had celebrated the coming of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a month of joy to all of us all. Only this time, we will see many who'll flocked to the mosques and surau. Various types of delicacy which can only be found during the month of Ramadhan. well for starters, there is Nasi Kerabu, an uncommon site in my place(Changloon), an abundance of bihun sup, murtabak, laksa and of course nasi ayam. However, a trip to a bazar Ramadhan in Kuantan really surprise me. Guess what is it?? dam. dam... its the price. Its so damn expensive. A murtabak can normally be found at RM2.00 here, but the price increase by 50% to a whopping RM3. Another seller put 5 rgt a piece for his murtabak. Nasi Ayam's fate is similar, the price went up to RM4.00. The bihun sup is another story, instead of a sup, you got something which obviously look like sup but infact its diluted soup with no taste at all. Man...I know that being a 'peniaga' is tough, but please don't cheat us consumer. Its better that you don't sell that stuff at all. You're just another scum to the world...

Dangers of DOTA:
1. You can swear excessively. the harder the AI, the cruder the word.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kata-kata hikmah MNM


Another entry in Malay.....

Kata-kata hikmah dari seorang mamat yang aku kenal:

1. Tak kenal, maka tak kenal.

2. Siapa makan cabai, dialah yang terabai.

3. Ada ubi ada batas, ada lori u balas.

4. Tak tahu, jangan ambil tahu, buat2 tahu.

5. Kalau berasa sedih, rasalah sedih ibarat ikan ditelan jerung.

6. Cinta itu indah di mata, tetapi pedih bila dah kahwin.

7. Mula2 cincin tunang, lepas tu cincin kahwin, lepas tu cincin dibuang.

8. Hidup ibarat lori, ada minyak jalan ,tiada minyak mati.

9. Pen merah pen biru, u marah, lantak u la.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Dilemma Race

It had already been a few days since we welcome the month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is one of the month where its arrival is anticipate by everyone even the non-Muslim in this country. Why you ask me? because it will be a time where there will be a heaven of food to choose from. Kids who are fasting first time in their entire life, will get a reward if they fast the whole month. I myself can't remember when was the first time I fast. 'Bunga Api' during my time is another occasion. Ramadhan is not complete without it. Those were the time.  Anyway, that is another issue.

I'm just going t point out 1 problem which the Malay had been facing for a long time. This so called disease had plagued them for as long as time can remember. Can you guess what is it? mmmm, in Malay its called 'hasad dengki' or English its called  'spiteful jealousy'. From the Miriam-Webster's  it means petty ill will or hatred with the disposition to irritate, annoy, or thwart and jealousy means  jealous disposition, attitude, or feeling. One classic example is by the means of business. for an instance, if a Malay entrepreneur  became successful with many cars, big houses, prosperous life, there always be a person who'll try as hard as they can to bring down that guy to the lowest level possible. We've seen this kind of situation almost everyday and its also being portrayed in Malay drama mostly in TV3. That is why our race can not compete with others because of this disease. 

to be continued.....................