Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tanjung Lumpur and Sickness..


As some of you might have known, I'm not at my usual self. My throat was hurting badly, my temperature went up and my ability to rationalize decrease to 50%. I'm still recovering. Anyway, about Tanjung Lumpur first. Last Monday morning, my class went to Tanjung Lumpur to do our first sampling. Dr Jalal, Kak Nana, Wadi, Nahar, Kak Teera n Jepar accompanied us. The trip was fun n enjoyable, but you've got to admit it that its very tiring. Some of us were unfortunately cut by shells and by fragments of glass. Some were barefooted, thus no protection to the feet. Anyhow, I'd enjoyed it very much and can't wait for our next trip.

Here are some pics:
Having Nasi Lemak
With my mates, Jeme n Zickreeworld
Zickreeworld was injured, but he's still cheerful as ever!

P.s: kudos to NurIllahi for the food we received today!!! inform ur friend that we accept n repair any laptop - 0129795017 or 0163249356. For car wash n saloon u can contact Zick-0129047851.Delivery can be negotiate. Our services are cheap n reliable.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cerating or Cherating ??


Mmm, haven't got the slightest idea what to write, so how about a photo blog instead?......

A citation to my life..........

So, tommorow, a trip to Tanjung Lumpur for sampling. Being an environmental student makes you travel a lot.........

Thursday, January 15, 2009



This time its a proper blogging from me. It's now almost the 2oth day, the damn Israeli Military committed terrorism. Yes, the American is being dumbfounded by Olmert.

Here something from my mind:

1. We say that we do not support the Israeli attack, however we indirectly keep supporting them finicially. How? Some us might've not realise that some of the major brands or products are Isrealian. What are they? The list is endless, Nestle, KFC,Pizza Hut, MacDonald, etc. We do protest, but ironically we went to this place to get some grub. How is that 'protesting'?

2. Its just to say, that what we do is different from what we say. Fuel can be a major weapon to stop the war on Gaza, but the Muslims are divided on this issue. Hmm. Its just to say that we have a blind solidarity.

3. Those who wield powers tempted more than power. Money, corruption plagued the country. Many Muslim's say that we are against corruption yet we do corruption. How Muslim are we then?

We who first develop and perfected the moral code, but now we are getting far away from it. Others adopted it, but we de-adopted it.

Life is a compllicating matter..............

p.s: bought a new digi cam, the picture above is just a test image

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something interesting...........

Here is something that I wanted to share with all of you. I've got it from a group moderated by
Ustz Maszlee (Hadith 40)

It's interesting, why don't you have a look....

Dear brothers and sisters

The links was about an interview with Rabbi Yisroel Weiss by Neil Cavuto on Fox News. And yes it was removed from youtube, that was fast. Cavuto looked uncomfortable by the rabbi's answers, maybe he thought he'd be in trouble for bringing the rabbi to his program :)

I ask and found the transcript of the interview: (I hope they did not removed it too)

FOX News (link) airs Most Important Interview on Earth?

FOX's Neil Cavuto asks whether Israel should exist and Rabbi Yisroel Weiss from Jews United Against Zionism tells Cavuto, and the world, how badly the state of Israel has f*cked things up for EVERYONE - both Jews and non-Jews.

Rabbi Weiss: This is the view that was shared throughout the past hundred years, when the whole movement of Zionism was created, the concept ? the ideology ? of transforming Judaism from spirituality, a religion, into materialism a nationalistic goal to have a piece of land, all the rabbinical authorities said this is antithetical with what Judaism is all about ? expressly forbidden by the Torah because we are in exile by God.

Cavuto: So, you shouldn?t have a state? You shouldn?t have a country? You shouldn?t have a government?

We shouldn?t have a state. We should be living amongst all the nations as the Jews were doing for two thousand years as loyal citizens, people who are serving God, emulating God with compassion . . .

Contrary to what people believe, that it?s a religious conflict, we have been living for hundreds of years among Muslims and Arab communities without any UN human rights groups to watch?

Cavuto: Let me ask you this, Rabbi, was life better for the Jews prior to the creation of the Jewish state of Israel?

Weiss: 100%. In Palestine, we have the testimony of the Jewish community living there and other lands that they were living in harmony and they pleaded with the United Nations, in the documents we have, the chief Rabbi of Jerusalem said we do not want a Jewish state. The Muslim, Christian and Jewish inhabitants were ignored with the creation of the State . . .

Cavuto: Neverthless, you might not have had a country per se, but you were not a stranger to being abused or slaughtered over the millennia, particularly as recently as fifty sixty years ago?

Weiss: There is an issue of being killed because of anti-semitism, and then there?s another issue where you antagonize and you create your anti-semitism through Zionism . . . in other words, it?s not a free for all ? you knock out your neighbors windows and yell anti-semitism.

Cavuto: I know you are an orthodox Jew, what do traditional Jews think of that position?

Weiss: [The mainstream Jewish view] is that, true, we shouldn?t be having a state, but once it?s created the Zionist propaganda that the Arabs want to throw every Jew into the ocean and there?s a ingrained hate against the Jews, which they?ve convinced many Jews to believe, this is why they?re fearful of returning the land . . .

Cavuto: Well you can?t blame them, right, I mean you have the president of Iran who says the Holocaust never existed and if he had his druthers he?d destroy Israel and all the Jews.

Weiss: That?s also patently false. He has a Jewish community in Iran and they haven?t murdered them when they had the opportunity to . . .

Cavuto: So, you don?t take him at his word that he would try to kill Jews?

Weiss: He would [want] the dismantling of the political state of Israel. In fact, we went, a whole group of Rabbis this last year to visit Iran, and we were taken up by the leaders, we met with the vice president, he [Ahmedinejad] was in Venezuela at the time, we met with religious leaders, all of them stated unequivocally that don?t have a conflict with [Jews]

Cavuto: So as long as Israel exists, Rabbi, you think ? just itching for trouble

Weiss: Jews are suffering, Palestinians and Lea are suffering . . . we pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantlment of the Jewish state.

Cavuto: It?s interesting Rabbi, you don?t hear that view often.

ps cavuto really sounded uncomfortable.

Here is another link which might interest you:

Saturday, January 10, 2009



Been busy for quite some time. Many things have happened then. The damn Israeli military is as evil as ever. Now, they've resorted to put radioactive substance in their bombs. May they perish from this world faster and in horrendous way. To all Muslims, its our obligation to boycott products which clearly support Israel.

I've also been busy with another blog, the Sciencess blog. The blog is undergoing massive upgrade. To all my fellow bloggers, please link with the blog at .

Well, that's it from me. By the way, I went to Balok this morning with a couple of friends. Even though it was raining, we did had fun.

Ok, later.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009.........


Its the new year already. Yippee!!! For some its a blessing and some a torture. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine is suffering. Lets us pray and give them support. Here are some point I would like to share:

  1. Just watched the Buletin Utama and 999 on TV3. 242 summons was issued to those who don't like to wear the seatbelt either in the front or the back. Its a new rule, design to minimize the damage to the passenger. There's a pro and cons to it, but either way, the rules had been gazetted. So we just have to follow it. Its for our safety also.
  2. Teenagers who are not their mahram was caught sleeping together in a secluded hotel. To make it more suspicious, they all check in at 12 midnight. Well, what do you expect? More unbelievable, five teen boys was caught sleeping with one girl. During the rush, they're just wearing their underwear......
  3. In Bukit Bintang, footage of a gang trying to rob someone during the New Year celebration. Five men taking on just one guy. When the police came, they disappear through the crowd.
  4. In Ipoh, almost 1 thousand Mat Rempit roam the road. The police only manage to stop the race, but ironically, they can only catch 1 out of 1 thousand Mat Rempit.
So, what do you think? Has the level of morality of our nation deteriorated? Is the New Year is the time to lose our virginity and fell down to our temptation? I believe not all people are involve. Its just this small portion of the pie which can tarnish our image. Many can be blame, but truthfully its our attitude needs changing. We have to work hard to change these things.......

What can we do??????? Think about it.........