Friday, August 29, 2008

Ahlan ya Ramadhan!!!

Ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan
My posting this time would be in Malay.

Setelah sekian lama Ramadhan menghilang, sekarang ia menjelma lagi. Nampaknya tahun ni suasana puasa kita bermula sebaik sahaja kita menyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke-51. Kita sudah merdeka, namun dapatkah kita menghayati erti sebenar kemerdekaan itu?

Rejab, Syaaban, Ramadan dan akhirnya bulan kesukaan ramai orang Islam, bulan Syawal. Di waktu inilah, kita dapat lihat biar betapa lalai org Islam itu, dia menyambut Syawal dengan penuh kegembiraan.

Puasa itu merupakan salah satu daripada rukun Islam yang lima itu. Puasa telah disyariatkan kepada umat terdahulu dan diteruskan pula oleh umat Nabi Muhammad SAW. Puasa bukan sekadar tahan lapar dan minum, nafsu juga perlu dikawal. Bulan puasa boleh jadi bulan untuk menguruskan badan atau untuk menambah berat badan. ok. ahlan ya ramadhan karim!!!

Bulan Ramadan tiba lagi
Membawa hikmah dan pengajaran
MEndidik jiwa orang bertakwa
Menginsafkan diri siapa kita

Jagalah adab di bulan ini
Berbukalah dengan sezeki yang halal
Sediakan juadah yang berpatutan
Elakkan diri dari pemmbaziran

Berbagai hikmah dan baraqah
Terkandung di dalam bulan Ramadan
Dikurniakan juga Lailatulqadar
Malam terpilih sepuluh malam terakhir

Puasa bukan hanya berlapar
Tapi ia jalan menuju ketakwaan
Ibadat dibina dari hati maknawi
Redha lagi pasrah penuh kehambaan*

*dr lagu rabbani

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Salam and greetings!!

I've been a Changlunian since the early 1990's. My dad was attached with UUM and since then, we realised that we have never move anywhere again. Even if we did move, it'll just be around that same town.

Let me tell you a bit Changlun. Changlun is a town located just 10 minutes from the Malaysian-Thai border. Those who're going to Thailand will definitely pass this living town. A few years back before Malaysia get its independence, this small town was infested with communist and the army. t was known as a black zone at that time.

Anyway, since the establishment of UUM, this town has changed dramatically into a developed town. The population has increased dramatically from a mere hundreds to a few thousands. Right now, Changlun is a hub linking UUM, SBPI Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kolej Matrik Kedah, Kole Matrik Perlis, UniMAP and also Politeknik Sultan Syed Sirajuddin and don't forget that now people are opting for the Changlun-Kuala Perlis highway to get to Langkawi because it's quicker.

Today is the day where we will see whether the Permatang Pauh voters will vote for a change in the direction of Malaysian political landscape or just another dirty political ploy......

*pics from Kee's world, a featured artist for The Star

Monday, August 25, 2008



A few months ago, I've managed to track back down few of my friends from the UK. Its been almost 10 years since I left that place, Treforest. Some of them had graduated earlier than me(of which I've got another 2 more years to go. huhuhu). One become a fireman and some pursuing a course in music and etc. Well, I kinda miss you guys a lot. Technology did have some good after all. hahaha.

From what I've heard, the school that I've been (Treforest Primary School), had been closed. Despite the pettion from many parties, the authorities still closed it. Its a sad thing, a school with over 100 years of history had been shut down permanently. My stay in Trefforest was short. Me dad was doing his doctorate and he had brought the family with him. It was indeed a valuable stay. I've miss the scenery there, its just breath taking especially in spring and winter.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Congrats to Kedah!!!

Many delicacy to be added to the dish this year!!

Mmmm, I haven’t updated my blog lately. I’ve been busy lately with IIUM Kuantan open day or commonly as IQUEST 2008. Well the main of the program is to let people know that IIUM Kuantan does exist in Kuantan. It’s been hectic, being as a committee for the stall division, many problems does arise, but to me every problem has its own solution. Anyway, this program can be considered a slight success than last year program but ………. the number of visitors aside from the student can be considered low. However to make this program a bit “hot” the university should consider it as a money making opportunity as a way to get fund for the university and this program should be delayed, until IIUM can be built the correct facilities to support this kind of program. There are many flaws that should be sorted out first. I did have some fun anyway.
Let’s move on shall we. I met a Chinese sale person a week ago. He was trying to convince me to subscribe to a magazine which is quite influential worldwide. His English was bad and his pronunciation was off key, but I was astounded, he still wants to convince me by using English. I can see the effort that he was trying to show. When I thought back, we should have the courage and the motivation to speak English even though Malay is our first language.
Well, Pak Lah you finally know how bad our public transport is. We’ve been endured it for a long time you know. The people have crying it out loud too long.
OK. That’s all that I can put forward here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


it's been awhile since i last update my blog. been busy with a lot of stuff and i haven't got the time to compose any new ideas to be put forward here. class have been very hectic, although mine is " leisure" than any other uni Malaysia. almost every day except for monday, were filled with lectures and labs.

we've heard speculation that the oil price had gone down recently from a 150 dollar to 125 dollar and it will stabilize for a further few weeks. if the sanction to Iran put forward by the US government materialize, oil will once again will be an issue.

also, the MRR2 issue had risen again. this time who shall we blame? it seem that this issue had created a stirred among the "rakyat".

ok. i'll continue later..