Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MNM's guide to Exams


Most uni's student in Malaysia will be facing their final exam this coming November. Yeaaah, exams is something that all of us hate. Well, except for those 'bookworms', they like to be tested....

Here another MNM's guide to exam:

1. Study last minute. It works. I've put it in my blog months ago.
2. If you can't face the exam, don't worry. Just commit suicide.
3. Enjoy yourself when the exam is coming. For example, go to the movie, play DOTA severely or have a match with your friends (PES 2009). You can ease your mind a bit.
4. Read the essay question first before heading to the objective. It's much easier that way and you can save time.
5. Can't answer the question?? You just climb up the stairs of a high building,go to the roof top, then make your final jump. You won't have to worry anymore. Muahaha
6. Scorn somebody . Its a good way to release tension.
7. Finally, from an Islamic perspective, pray and ask God for His guidance while answering the question and tawakal and also hope for the best.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Akhirnya dah raya......


Akhirnya setelah berhempas pula aku berpuasa, berjaya juga aku menghabiskan puasa enam ni. Orang kata puasa nam ni ibarat puasa setaun. Orang tua-tua la yang kata. Tapi, amalan ini memang dibuat oleh umat Islam.

Dalam seminggu dua ni, banyak sungguh open house. Alhamdulillah, rezeki memang terbentang luas. Terima kasih kerana menjemput kami semua (warga rumah sewa im 6). Masakan semua sedap2. Nasi dagang, nasi beriani, spageti, lontong, soto, satay dan banyak lagi la.

Semalam, D'ezora Catering mendapat tender untuk nasi beriani, ayam goreng berempah dan mix. Bagi yang tak tahu, mix itu ialah french fries yang dimasak berserta hotdog and telur. Memang mantapla mix ni, mendapat banyak permintaan. Kalo nak order pe2, just contact je. Insyallah, kami akan mencuba. Terima kasih kepada Nurilahi dan Candlesky di atas galakan anda.

So, next week, another tough road will be ahead of us. Most uni's will begin their final exam. Good luck to you guys.

P.s: some guys can cook better than girls but they cann't overcome their mother. A mother's cooking is something that no one can surpass. It's a fact from MNM.haha

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lagu tradisional melayu - Lagu Silat


here is a song that I find to be very rarely and highly sought by certain people

Lagu Gendang serunai silat:

itu sajer.....

Saturday, October 18, 2008



Well, dear friends I've been tagged again. Three people had tagged me, so without further delay, I somehow had to reply. Dd, Master J and Zick tagged me. So, here are 15 things about me:

  1. I'm 160cm tall, weighs around 56 kg and my skin color is fair with blonde hair and green eyes. Hahaha.
  2. I've been living in from Glasgow, UK to Jitra,Kedah then to Sintok, Kedah then to Treforest, Wales and lastly back to Changloon, Kedah. I was born in Glasgow, UK btw.
  3. I'm known as a quiet person (pendiam).
  4. I like to eat Laksa Johor.
  5. Once I want to be a bus driver since it is very cool then and now.
  6. I' m obsess with bus.
  7. I don't like people to suddenly scold me without any reasons.
  8. The years during high school was golden to me.
  9. Hope to be a person with a colourful life.
  10. I don't know what to write...........
  11. Dark colour clothes are my usual theme.
  12. Want to go round the world with my friends!!!
  13. People really do associate me with money and the illegal stuff.
  14. I can't stand looking at blood and the creepy stuff, but I can tolerate my own blood.
  15. A friend of mine, people call him atok( because he wears a spec like an atok) , says that I look exactly like my dad, the difference was, my dad's taller.
People I want to play tagged with: Hasanah, Kiniey Damai, AisyahTeru, adam skater, Badrul Aini

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jathropa curcas


I'm kinda bored doing my lab report for tissue culture, so let me write a little bit about the contents of my lab report. One of the most well known plant in the world is Jathropa curcas. Jathropa curcas or in its common name in Malay 'Pokok Jarak' or 'Tuba-tuba' in Philiphines has been seen as a source for an alternative energy source. However, this plant inedible. Jathropa curcas or commonly known as physic nut is a small tree of plant tribe oannesieae of Crotonoideae in the Euphorbiaceae family that have approximately 170 known species worldwide(Elefan, 2008). The plant had received a global interest as it can be used for blenfing diesel in order to get an environmental friendly biofuel as an alternative energy source. Jatropha biofuel contains more oxygen, with a higher cetane value increasing the combustion quality, is clean, non-toxic, eco-friendly and economic due to its low production cost. It can be a good plantation material for eco-restoration in all types of wasteland and also serves as an important medicinal plant ( Datta et al, 2007). With the development of tissue culture technique, it can mass propagate the plant more.

dalam bahasa melayu

Salah satu pokok yang sangat diberi perhatian pada akhir-akhir ini ialah pokok Jarak ataupun dalam nama saintifiknya Jathropa curcas. Pokok ini telah memberi harapan sebagai salah satu sumber alternatif tenaga. Jathropa mengandungi lebih banyak oksigen, ketana yang lebih tinggi dengan kualiti pembakaran yang lebih bersih, tidak toksik, eco-friendly dan lebih menjimatkan. Pokok ini juga mempunyai nilai perubatan yang tinggi. Jadi kita dapat lihat pokok ini mempunyai banyak potensi untuk masa hadapan. Pokok Jarak juga mempunyai potensi dalam memulihara kawasan terbiar.Teknik kultur tisu membolehkan lagi pokok ini propagasi dengan lebih banyak. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Snippets ( tiru chedet nyer style, hehe)


Its been a few days back in Kwantan. Its kinda of hazy today. Over the news we had recent things about party election and so on. Even though there will be a change, we don't know whether the change will affect us or not. Anyway, that is another issue. As we can see the economy is a bit slow, the KLCI had fallen below 1000. Its a first after the Asian economy melt down. The bankruptcy of 2 biggest financing firm had further worsen the economy situation. Many had said that although Malaysian economy growth rate is growing but the inflation rate increased this year.

This year we had seen the reduce on number of accidents involving express buses plying from town to another far off town, although it has decreased, these buses are still fast. The faster, the quicker you'll arrive. But, don't be angry with the drivers, there are not to be blamed. Its the company you'll have to blame. They have to 'ligan trip' which means that they had to arrive early so that they wont miss any trip. The drivers also need to rest because they will have to drive the same bus for the return trip on the next few hours. Some company even paid the driver based on how many trip they can manage in 1 month. Being a bus driver is tough as said by my cousin who drove a bus. It can be an exhilarating experience taking a bus if you don't have the patient.