Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sampling n trip to Gombak


Its the last day February 2009. It has been an exciting, enjoyable and all the adjectives and verbs relating to it. Tired as well, hahaha

Anyway, another sampling expidition did I went to. Well, this time its quite near.Just inside the campus, its called the "Hutan Belakang UIA Kuantan". Imagine going there at 2.30pm in the afternoon, with little shade, those who are white(like me), tend to be burned and cooked, unlike those with dark skin(unlike me) are immuned to the sun menacing aura.

We found a snake, green in colour, eating a lizard. Its medium in sized and from what I've known "ular daun" are not that poisonous.

After dat, on the next day. A trip to Gombak Campus. We left at 4.30 a in the morning and come back here at 8.30pm, arriving around 12.00 midnight. My little 'Kancil' really are my trusted companion, enduring trips from Kedah, Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.

I'll put the pics later.(I forgot to bring my camera, huhu)Luckily, Zick brought his's.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A guy's day out di Hutan Lipur Berkelah


Its been a while since I've updated this blog. All seems well, mid term test really stresses us out. So, with a couple of my house mate, we decided to embark on a journey to Hutan Lipur Berkelah. The road to get there was nice..... at first, then the road become like a warzone, with no tar, holes and the road almost collapsing into the river. Well, we did survive the onslaught. After getting there, wow, another trekking to the waterfall, the level 2 waterfall. The trek was quite steep somehow, where you must be vigilant at all times. After half an hour of trekking, yatta!!! We've arrived.

So here are some pics: alt="" />

Sunday, February 15, 2009

KOS Amazing Explorace


Whew!!, what a day. Tired, exhausted and all the synonyms related to tired can describe how tired I am yesterday. Overall, itwas enjoyable. Got the pleasure to view and visit many places which I haven't' been there before. Zoo teruntum, Gua Charas, Sg Pandan, Panching and etc. I thought we were goint to go all the way to Sg. Lembing. Luckily not. Haha.

I hope we will win, eventhough our ranking was 15.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting older....


Apparently last Monday was my birthday. Madam Linda was the first to wish me and followed by my mother very early in the morning. It seems that mothers memorize their children d.o.b. When I checked my email, there were many wishes from my friends and relatives.

Unexpectedly, Hajar even sang a korean birthday song to me. That was totally unexpected.
My lil bro n sis did give me a call....

That night, me n my housemates went to Tanjung Lumpur. Just a little makan-makan to commemorate my birthday. Thanks guy, you've all been wonderful to me.

So, this year I'm 22, but still I want to be 17. ..huhu...

Its an age where you begin to know what the world can offer you after being trapped in school for years..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tasik Chini


It's the aftermath after the war wage in Tasik Chini. Got to wake up very early. Kinda hate it, but its something that I must do. Packed eveything up, then at 8.10 am left our house to KOS. The bus moved a bit late than expected, we have to wait for everyone to come. Anyway, we all did have fun, some kayaking, sampling, boat tour. Well, I've wasted RM8.50 for the ride, but it was worth it. You only might go there once in a lifetime. It was beautiful, eventhough the resort and the facility was torn down to make way for the new facilities.

Here are some pics:

Friday, February 6, 2009



Well, well. It's my first entry for this month. A lot of thing have happened. The BN plot to topple Pakatan rakyat led government in Perak really disgust. The people weren't given the choice to choose. It seems that the Sultan favours the BN decision to form a government. Don't fret. Everything has its will, God will surely be among those who are patience. Inallah ha ma'as sobirin.....

Anyway, I don't want to talk much about it, Malaysian politics now really disgust me.

Tomorrow a sampling trip to Tasik Chini. Hope to see lots of flora and fauna. I'll provide the pictures when I got back here.

Its a short one isn't it? I believe many of us fail to recognize the world wide economical slump. Politicians are more concern about toppling a state government though rather than strategies to protect the country from these economical problems..