Monday, April 13, 2009

Un Update


Its been a while since I last I've updated my blog here. I'm having this problem where some people might cal it( Master J especially) a writers block. Yup, its to a certain extent where I have an idea but there are no words which to describe it.

Six paper down, only one left........ after that, off to CEMAC for my practical....

Last month was a hectic month, meetings, midterms and lots of programmes. A lot of excrusion as well. Haha.

Alhamdulillah both Islamic Cultural Festival 09 and ELSAM(motivational program for SBPI kids) was a success. Hindrance was in place but, we've manage to conquer it all. I would like to give my extend to Zul Ahmad and Master J for being a top manager. And also to all those that I've worked with, the list is endless indeed. Its nice workin' with all of u.

Berkelah, Panching and Bukit Panorama and don't forget the Sg Mas. All of these places is very nice. U can catch the sunset at Bukit Panorama, where the view is very beautiful. Panching, Berkelah and Sg Mas is nice place for you to calm and chill yourself out. But getting there require some "rally" driving.

Here, is a picture. As always, click for larger and clearer view.


As said...

writers block..isk3

MNM said...

sebab tu la dh lama ak x update blog ak ni... kekontanggan idea