Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MNM is back... muahaha


Wow, I've been in the dark for almost 2 months. 2 months wasn't such a long time isn't it?

It had been a spectacular industrial training for me. Stationed there for whooping 10 weeks, surrounded by friends and also making new ones along the way. Learnt many new things and the things that I've learnt is an essential component for EIA . Those with licenses to carry put EIA can make a lot of money.

Truthfully, Telok Bahang, Penang is too much for me. As the name implies, it is indeed very hot and you can't stop sweating profusely.... Dh nama pun Telok Bahang, mmg betol2 bahang.. Mlm pulak... oooo.... sometime it's teribble, its hot, eventhough my flat was on the fourth floor... 2 kipas pun x cukup lg..... its because the roof was covered with tar instead of the usual cement... tar trapps heat during the day, and releases the trapped heat when night falls...

ok... i'm sleepy.... so... bye...

p.s: sorry, for not updating this blog during that 2 months, many friends had been questioning me about it.... sorry, my dears... too busy to do it..

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