Friday, April 25, 2008



One of the most interesting issues right now is price. The price for food, drinks, and commodities has risen quite high . For example, if you buying a rice, 10 kg one, you'll have to pay RM22 instead of the usual RM18. Apart from that, the prices differ in other places in Malaysia. This is one is very clear to us Malaysian as prices for satay in KL is different in Alor Star.

Even though, its under strict control under the Ministry for Consumers and etc, we have seen that the price is rising significantly high. we can not blame them for the increase. I'm not defending or supporting them but, the truth is when the world global markets decrease or increase, prices will be effected. During the idiot Bush crushing's of Saddam Hussein in Iraq 2003, we've seen that that the oil prices have increase up to 100 dollar for just a barrel of oil. Usually it'll be around 50-55 dollar at that time. The loss or destruction of food crop plantation have contributed well to the rising inflation.

Actually, if you look back, it's all coming back down to us. Whether we realized or not, we're the ones responsible for the prices of certain things, through directly or indirectly. Global warming, a thanks to the Industrial Revolution have also changed today's climate, making a change to the weather, and a also a decrease in area for land suitable for farming.

It's not too late, we can still make a change to the world. A verse from the holy Quran states that"Violate not the sanctity of the symbols of God"(20;81). It means that everything that god has given us, we must use it wisely, does not violate what the laws of god which is important in managing the world. The changes can be done step by step and not radically. Even though the environment is crucial, we must do whatever we can to save our mother nature.

Getting back to the price, right now, there's little that we can do to contain this problem as it's not just a national issue, but rather globally. We just have to become wiser in spending and hoping that there's a silver lining in every situation that we faced. Though the price rise will affect the lower and middle income group, steps should be taken from the individual level to the national level. every one must work together to overcome this ordeal. Right now, from what we can observe, the prices will be increasing more, due to national and global issues.


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