Thursday, January 15, 2009



This time its a proper blogging from me. It's now almost the 2oth day, the damn Israeli Military committed terrorism. Yes, the American is being dumbfounded by Olmert.

Here something from my mind:

1. We say that we do not support the Israeli attack, however we indirectly keep supporting them finicially. How? Some us might've not realise that some of the major brands or products are Isrealian. What are they? The list is endless, Nestle, KFC,Pizza Hut, MacDonald, etc. We do protest, but ironically we went to this place to get some grub. How is that 'protesting'?

2. Its just to say, that what we do is different from what we say. Fuel can be a major weapon to stop the war on Gaza, but the Muslims are divided on this issue. Hmm. Its just to say that we have a blind solidarity.

3. Those who wield powers tempted more than power. Money, corruption plagued the country. Many Muslim's say that we are against corruption yet we do corruption. How Muslim are we then?

We who first develop and perfected the moral code, but now we are getting far away from it. Others adopted it, but we de-adopted it.

Life is a compllicating matter..............

p.s: bought a new digi cam, the picture above is just a test image

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