Saturday, January 10, 2009



Been busy for quite some time. Many things have happened then. The damn Israeli military is as evil as ever. Now, they've resorted to put radioactive substance in their bombs. May they perish from this world faster and in horrendous way. To all Muslims, its our obligation to boycott products which clearly support Israel.

I've also been busy with another blog, the Sciencess blog. The blog is undergoing massive upgrade. To all my fellow bloggers, please link with the blog at .

Well, that's it from me. By the way, I went to Balok this morning with a couple of friends. Even though it was raining, we did had fun.

Ok, later.


Master J said...

pergh..sapa amik gmbr 2??power giller...

aRiff said...

hang buat ape tu?
menimbulkan fitnah r..

Szakif said...

sentap tak ajak.