Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sciencess AGD 2009


I've been leaving my blog unattended for quite sometime already. Sorry guys, I've been extremely busy. October is sure is a hectic month. Almost every week there's a program to cater to.

Last night, was the Sciencess Annual Grand Dinner 2009. It's my first time being the Program Director. Thanks to Mus for giving me the opportunity. It had been a great experience. There are many problems, the dates, the hotels, finding the right person for the the right post. Too many to think about. But then, I was really glad that many of my friends were there to help me. Thanks guys. What it could have been without all of you without by my side.

I've also been receiving complaints that some are unhappy about the program. Me myself too were unhappy about some tiny or minor little things. It's just that we had tried our best, make sure everything goes smoothly. It's hard and stupid to think that everyone will be happy with every action that you take, you can't pleases everyone. Each had their own point of view. It just that you had to take it in a positive manner.

Now, I want to aim for something much, extremely bigger. Something that I'd been thinking quite sometime, with the current situation, it seems to be favourable. I hope it can be materialized....

Congrats and thanks to my commitees. It sure is a nice experience working with all of you...


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