Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parking dgn betul............


Kejadian ni berlaku beberapa hari yang lepas.

Me and my friends went out to UIA to buy some grubs for lunch.

Indeed, it was raining quite heavily at that time.

We bought our food bla bla............ and went back to my friends car.(to get home la kan)

Suddenly, something caught our eye along with an annoying horning sound.

Piiittttt.............. piitttttttttttt.....

What was that??

Well, our eyes are turned to a gas lorry and its driver. He was the culprit....

But there is more, a car blocked his way, for him to deliver the gas.

That car, was parked in the middle of the road, sandwiched between two other cars. So, the lorry was stuck.

Apparently, the driver of the "alleged" car was a lady. The stories end before we can see how they ( lady and the lorry driver) solve their bickering.

So, the question is, are women good drivers???

P.s: I was almost hit by a car once, driven by a women(again) while driving my beloved "perodua" to the UIA field. To avoid the collision, I had to take an emergency evasive maneuver. Thank god, my perodua is very versatile. A black car if I weren't ,mistaken. I'm still on the look out for that car...


Master J said...

"emergency evasive maneuver"

ayat xleh bla =p

5senses said...

wah..condemning lady driver huh..hehe. (terasanya..=P)

MNM said...

naa.... it not condemning... some female drivers are good drivers, while some are terrible... believe me.... the terrible ones sparks fear in my heart.... huhu