Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Salam and greetings!!

I've been a Changlunian since the early 1990's. My dad was attached with UUM and since then, we realised that we have never move anywhere again. Even if we did move, it'll just be around that same town.

Let me tell you a bit Changlun. Changlun is a town located just 10 minutes from the Malaysian-Thai border. Those who're going to Thailand will definitely pass this living town. A few years back before Malaysia get its independence, this small town was infested with communist and the army. t was known as a black zone at that time.

Anyway, since the establishment of UUM, this town has changed dramatically into a developed town. The population has increased dramatically from a mere hundreds to a few thousands. Right now, Changlun is a hub linking UUM, SBPI Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kolej Matrik Kedah, Kole Matrik Perlis, UniMAP and also Politeknik Sultan Syed Sirajuddin and don't forget that now people are opting for the Changlun-Kuala Perlis highway to get to Langkawi because it's quicker.

Today is the day where we will see whether the Permatang Pauh voters will vote for a change in the direction of Malaysian political landscape or just another dirty political ploy......

*pics from Kee's world, a featured artist for The Star

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