Monday, August 25, 2008



A few months ago, I've managed to track back down few of my friends from the UK. Its been almost 10 years since I left that place, Treforest. Some of them had graduated earlier than me(of which I've got another 2 more years to go. huhuhu). One become a fireman and some pursuing a course in music and etc. Well, I kinda miss you guys a lot. Technology did have some good after all. hahaha.

From what I've heard, the school that I've been (Treforest Primary School), had been closed. Despite the pettion from many parties, the authorities still closed it. Its a sad thing, a school with over 100 years of history had been shut down permanently. My stay in Trefforest was short. Me dad was doing his doctorate and he had brought the family with him. It was indeed a valuable stay. I've miss the scenery there, its just breath taking especially in spring and winter.


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