Thursday, December 25, 2008

Books......... of Pendragon n Menzies 1421

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Been out of the limelight for quite some time. A person had been curious why I haven't updated this blog. Being busy is not the answer, it's just that I don not have a slight idea what to jot down here.

Anyway, thanks to EOP, I've got to find a book to read and review. During the holidays, I did bought a book from the Pendragon series. The book was written by DJ MacHale. The cover and the synopsis was very interesting. So, after doing a lot of thinking, I bought the book without any regret. It turn to be otherwise. After just reading 3 chapters, I began to dislike the book. The plot was okay, but the way and the language didn't satisfy my taste. The storyline was about a boy who is good student with the complete package being transported into another world to become their saviour working together with his uncle to defeat Saint Dane. Anyway, I've only read the book halfway due to my dislikement. So, today, I've ventured out to find a book worthwhile to be read and review.

After doing some thinking for about ten minutes, Gavin Menzies's 1421 The Year China Discovered The World won my heart. I've been longing to buy that book. I first postponed it due to the lack of funds in my wallet. In this book, Menzies described on how the Chinese are the first explorer of the world rather than Columbus or Vasco da Gama who did that a century later. His fascinantion of the topic began with the discovery of a very ancient map of the world produced in 1424. The map almost depict the European and the African continent with an additional mysterious island labeled Anthila and Satanazes. The words are in Portugese. Anthi which means other and ila for island . Satanazes means Devil's Land. 

I've only read chapter 1, so I can't further elaborate about Menzies's work. Well, if you are an avid history fan, you'll surely love this book.......................

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