Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its the season again


We are having a gloomy month when we are approaching the end of 2008. Many joyful, sorrowful, shocking event we have seen this year. But, now its the rainy season. Most people believes that rain is a blessing. In Malay its "Hujan Rahmat". Even the Pahang's Jabatan Bekalan Air moto is 'Air itu rahmat' or in English, water is a blessing. With rain, it'll replenish our water reservoir and also allow the paddy farmer to start planting paddy back after the harvest season. Anyway, that is not the issue here.

What I''ll be writing is about the flood and the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa. Yup, Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan had been hit with the flood. Not forgetting the small area in Johor. Lives were lost. Houses covered with mud, electrical appliances soaked with water, savings were lost( some don't know what a bank is though). Those the were damaged cause. Don't forget the psychological aspect, some were badly traumatized. Some kids enjoy it to the fullest. Having fun playing with the water. This morning we've heard another landslide, this time at Bukit Antarabangsa, where most rich people live. The landslide was to be believed caused by the heavy rain. Lives were lost, houses, belongings gone in a instant. Sadness and sorrow will fill the hearts of those affected.

Now, let us wander, who are we to blame? The government? The developer? The engineer? The PBT? God even? In actuality, it is us who should take the blame. Its our attitude which might have caused this tragedy. The hills were trimmed down, logging of timber, land clearing to pave way for development, natural reservoir destroyed, who did this? Us again. Its just an application of the cause and effect law. For example, when we destroy the forest, where's the rain water gonna go? Normally the trees will sap in the water, while reducing the amount to absorb by the earth. Now, with the trees gone, where does it flow? Well we have the sewage to regulate the water flow. If its clogged, fill with rubbish, the water can't go with the flow and making it  go elsewhere. If its near a housing area, a flood is going to occur. Some folk in the village, didn't have the concern to create a drainage system. If they had, some are filled with overgrown lalang. A flood happen, and they'll blame the authorities for the cause. In a logical sense, why the PBT had to be concern with the matter as it occur due to their own negligence. Its our attitude which is the cause of this.

Just because of one idiot, those near to him will suffer also.........

Happy Eidul Adha!!!

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As said...

musibah itu melanda kerana tangan2 manusia..owh yeah? Hmm..sumhow it's true ah..even stated in Quran..

but im really shocked abt the landslide..