Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tasik Chini


It's the aftermath after the war wage in Tasik Chini. Got to wake up very early. Kinda hate it, but its something that I must do. Packed eveything up, then at 8.10 am left our house to KOS. The bus moved a bit late than expected, we have to wait for everyone to come. Anyway, we all did have fun, some kayaking, sampling, boat tour. Well, I've wasted RM8.50 for the ride, but it was worth it. You only might go there once in a lifetime. It was beautiful, eventhough the resort and the facility was torn down to make way for the new facilities.

Here are some pics:


Anonymous said...

oh begini rupanya kos korang..
asyik keluar ber-sampling je ek!! Uhumm.. Cool~

MNM said...

tu shamel,

jd student kos byk berjalan-jalan