Saturday, February 21, 2009

A guy's day out di Hutan Lipur Berkelah


Its been a while since I've updated this blog. All seems well, mid term test really stresses us out. So, with a couple of my house mate, we decided to embark on a journey to Hutan Lipur Berkelah. The road to get there was nice..... at first, then the road become like a warzone, with no tar, holes and the road almost collapsing into the river. Well, we did survive the onslaught. After getting there, wow, another trekking to the waterfall, the level 2 waterfall. The trek was quite steep somehow, where you must be vigilant at all times. After half an hour of trekking, yatta!!! We've arrived.

So here are some pics: alt="" />


aRiff said...

aiiii....satu je gambar??

Aqilah said...

MNM sdg pikir ttg ape itew

As said...

tak sangka terjumpa korang pagi2 hari ni sumwhere far from IM

Master J said...

gmbr aku xde!!!

D said...

best gak tempat ni
kat mane eh?
yg 1st pic tu gile cantik

MNM said...

ni kat berkelah. on the way to maran. dia betul2 lps pekan gambang.

anyway, first pic tu mmg real, cuma dh edit ngn photoshop tuk jd black n white.... hehe