Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Month, One Adab : Car Littering


Yup, this month adab's is car littering.... Well, what is it?

"Throwing rubbish or unwanted items from a vehicles as such car, bus, lorry, van, motorcycle or even while riding a bicycle to your home after buying a drink from the nearest shop" this definition is taken from MNM'S Dictionary 2009 Edition.

To litter or not to litter.....

Well, people had been saying the good points of littering. mmmm, let's do the opposite shall we???,, hehe....

  1. You can get rid off the foul smell of the rubbish from the car. Inhaling it further can lead to dire consequences.
  2. Your vehicles can be tidy again. No more rubbish.
  3. It looks nice in the inside.
  4. mmm, i've run out of ideas.... noodles!!
Appearently, littering is not something worth praising. It can lead to accidents or even death to others. I've also heard drivers spitting, and the spit "lands" on a motorcyler face. Yuck..!!

If I weren't mistaken it is a sin if u cause harm to others.....

So, keep the rubbish in your car, however bad the smell is, and throw it away immediately when you see the nearest dumpster....


Fish said...

Awesome message Nabil. Be responsible for your own garbage. Carry your garbage with you till you reach a proper garbage disposal (by which I don't mean the road, nearby sea or river).

Here are some more adab's if you are interested you can read on "The Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation"

MNM said...

thank you for the comment mr fish... ;)