Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visit to hong Kong

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Nk promote 1 program utk student Sciencess UIA Kuantan.

"Eduvisit to Hong Kong"

As some of you might have know it, Sciencess sedang merangka satu lawatan or educational visit to Hong Kong.

"Kenapa Hong Kong? Kenapa x pergi ke Australia?"...

Well, the last previous years, dh ada educational trip ke Australaia and based on the QS Top University Ranking for Asia, Universities in Hong Kong are placed at no.1 to no.3. University Hong Kong(1), Hong University of Science and Technology (2) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (3).

So, why are we going there?

1. We want to see the environment there and how does it achieve to be the top in Asia.
2. The education system here and there are different.
3. Meet their student leaders and societies.
4. and etc...... of course to see new things and new places.

What are we going to do there?

We will visit the universities there, have a discussion , presentation from both side, some sight seeing and of course shopping... hehe....

How much to pay?

Right now each participant only has to pay a maximum fee of RM1000 out of RM2500. But... but..... we are trying very extremely hard to reduce that amount to around RM500 or even lesser.....
Madame Tussaud, Hong Kong
How to join?

Well, only 21 students will be taken with 7 from each Department from the Kulliyah of Science. Write your name on the advert that had been distributed. And an interview will be conducted to select the participants.....Only students from the 062xxxx to 081xxxx are eligible.....

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

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