Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Studying guide... from MNM


Here is a few common study tips which is famous in certain sense....

1. Always study last minute. Based on a research, it seem that studying last minute, your brain can accumulate all the info pertaining for the exam. pick 2-3 days to study before your exam. It really work!!

2. Nag your lecturer about the exam. Always ask her or him about the exam question. Do it subtly. Always be a good and proactive student and when you had the chance go for it. Humans heart can be melted even though how 'tough' it is.

3. Cheat is not bad, its good. Cheating or copying in a certain sense is deemed as wrong and the person doing it is bad. In the academic context, cheating is not bad, in fact its good. By copying your friends work, we can help him to detect any mistakes that he or she had done and we can also make our assignment better than them. Muahaha (evil laugh)

A quote from my lecturer 'the less, the better'. So, I think three point is enough here for today. Gaining knowledge is important whether its good or bad. But for certain time, you'll need to be bad... in order to be successful.

Well then, cheerio..


nurilahi said...

hoho, mantap nye tips :D

hershEy~ said...

lol~ last minute study is like soo gud.. XD

wardahputeh said...

salam ziarah..

-wani kedah