Saturday, September 27, 2008


Salam Ramadhan.

Its been a few day since I've arrive home. Changlun is where is home. Suprisingly, I arrive at Changlun a bit earlier than usual. Usually I'll arrive home at 8 in the morning. The ride was Durian Burung double decker bus. Later, around 10 am, I'd accompany my friend to Padang Besar for bussiness matters. Lets left that for another time, shall we.

Still a few days of Ramadan to go. Recently, I had the chance to go the mosque at my kampung. There's something that annoys me though, its the way they(not all but some) recite the selawat during the tarawih prayer. These individuals tends to shout as if they their throats are coming out. It becomes more annoying when the kids join in. And the weird things is that there's an additional kalimah to the salawat, which is "fadlammin alllah wa niqmah" becomes "fadlaminnallah hi taala wa ni'mah....",I don't know whether its right or wrong, but it slips away from the 'mainstream' from other places that I had attend for tarawih. Here its difficult to advice these people. They are dumbly stubborn and won't budge in to any advice. Its like a Malay saying "umpama mencurah air ke daun keladi". Experience has it those who try to advice will be mock back and deem as busybody. Well, that's village life for you....

P.S: Recently, A friend of mine told me that I was tagged. I know what tagged means but what is it?? Sorry, I'm not as young as I used to be.

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Master J said...

hehe..biasa ah bro..yg tua2 2 yg suka jerit2..

tag 2 is a post yg u hafta's like chain letter there's no rule dat says u MUST continue d tag..kalo nk stop blh je =p