Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bihun Sup


Well, its already been a few days we had celebrated the coming of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is a month of joy to all of us all. Only this time, we will see many who'll flocked to the mosques and surau. Various types of delicacy which can only be found during the month of Ramadhan. well for starters, there is Nasi Kerabu, an uncommon site in my place(Changloon), an abundance of bihun sup, murtabak, laksa and of course nasi ayam. However, a trip to a bazar Ramadhan in Kuantan really surprise me. Guess what is it?? dam. dam... its the price. Its so damn expensive. A murtabak can normally be found at RM2.00 here, but the price increase by 50% to a whopping RM3. Another seller put 5 rgt a piece for his murtabak. Nasi Ayam's fate is similar, the price went up to RM4.00. The bihun sup is another story, instead of a sup, you got something which obviously look like sup but infact its diluted soup with no taste at all. Man...I know that being a 'peniaga' is tough, but please don't cheat us consumer. Its better that you don't sell that stuff at all. You're just another scum to the world...

Dangers of DOTA:
1. You can swear excessively. the harder the AI, the cruder the word.



nurilahi said...

betul betul betul..


Master J said...

dangers of DOTA 2 btl 2 =p hehehe..

Abg Man Hensem said...

Biasala bil, harga minyak dunia turun minyak mesia tak turun2 plak.. paklah kan tak sedar sbb tido.. tp percayala harga mknn takkan turun kalo minyak turun nanti.. inilah bahana kalo nak naik minyak tanpa selidik apa yg akan jd nanti.. naik minyak ikut sedap kepala lutut jer..
buat peniaga plak, alah rakyat dah adapt dgn harga mkn ni, buat apa nak turun2.. yerla spt kata pojan for mlaysian: life is food.. so buat yg tak reti msk, no choose (pinjam kata CT instead of choice) beli kat luar.. kpd pompuan yg bakal bergelar isteri tu, jgn dok pk study jer tinggi tp msk setakat pandai goreng ikan dan kepok.. tu pun tak tau dah msk ke hangit.. mmg realiti pompuan yg belajar tinggi dan pompuan zaman skrg tak pandai msk. tu sbb bazar jual mkn laku jer.. kalo kat Indon budaya mkn kat luar ni takder.. tetapi budaya msk dan mkn kat umah mmg diamalkan.. but for malaysian; who cares, our choice our money..