Saturday, October 18, 2008



Well, dear friends I've been tagged again. Three people had tagged me, so without further delay, I somehow had to reply. Dd, Master J and Zick tagged me. So, here are 15 things about me:

  1. I'm 160cm tall, weighs around 56 kg and my skin color is fair with blonde hair and green eyes. Hahaha.
  2. I've been living in from Glasgow, UK to Jitra,Kedah then to Sintok, Kedah then to Treforest, Wales and lastly back to Changloon, Kedah. I was born in Glasgow, UK btw.
  3. I'm known as a quiet person (pendiam).
  4. I like to eat Laksa Johor.
  5. Once I want to be a bus driver since it is very cool then and now.
  6. I' m obsess with bus.
  7. I don't like people to suddenly scold me without any reasons.
  8. The years during high school was golden to me.
  9. Hope to be a person with a colourful life.
  10. I don't know what to write...........
  11. Dark colour clothes are my usual theme.
  12. Want to go round the world with my friends!!!
  13. People really do associate me with money and the illegal stuff.
  14. I can't stand looking at blood and the creepy stuff, but I can tolerate my own blood.
  15. A friend of mine, people call him atok( because he wears a spec like an atok) , says that I look exactly like my dad, the difference was, my dad's taller.
People I want to play tagged with: Hasanah, Kiniey Damai, AisyahTeru, adam skater, Badrul Aini


Master J said...

hang byk tipuuu lah bil....rmbt blonde mata ijau hang pendiam 2...dh mlampau dh 2 =p

nurilahi said...




sindrom STBB neh..!

severe, kena pegi emergency, immediate admit!

ang pandai eh reka fakta..
pastu pandai lak tag cheq
ang memang..
sob sob sob..

p/s: ye banyak fakta betull..itulah kamu (sepatutnya sume betul ;P 0

aisyah said...

the first statement is such a BIG lie..

candlesky said...

baru pasan org ni tagged kini..
yg jaz punye ms bulan pose pun xwat punye pun lum wat jugak ag..hheee....
nnti kini wat lpas abes exam yek=)