Monday, October 6, 2008

Snippets ( tiru chedet nyer style, hehe)


Its been a few days back in Kwantan. Its kinda of hazy today. Over the news we had recent things about party election and so on. Even though there will be a change, we don't know whether the change will affect us or not. Anyway, that is another issue. As we can see the economy is a bit slow, the KLCI had fallen below 1000. Its a first after the Asian economy melt down. The bankruptcy of 2 biggest financing firm had further worsen the economy situation. Many had said that although Malaysian economy growth rate is growing but the inflation rate increased this year.

This year we had seen the reduce on number of accidents involving express buses plying from town to another far off town, although it has decreased, these buses are still fast. The faster, the quicker you'll arrive. But, don't be angry with the drivers, there are not to be blamed. Its the company you'll have to blame. They have to 'ligan trip' which means that they had to arrive early so that they wont miss any trip. The drivers also need to rest because they will have to drive the same bus for the return trip on the next few hours. Some company even paid the driver based on how many trip they can manage in 1 month. Being a bus driver is tough as said by my cousin who drove a bus. It can be an exhilarating experience taking a bus if you don't have the patient.

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