Sunday, November 30, 2008

An update ...................


It's been quite sometime that I've updated my blog here. The internet connection had been down since last Tuesday(almost a week you can say). The circuit for the Streamyx box in Changlun was struck by lightning. It was replaced this afternoon after a complaint had been lodged. It was slow.. They really took all the time they need.

Been very busy the past week. As some might've known, I had pass the driving test. The test was done in a rainy day and the field of vision weren't good. Thank God I'd pass. If not, it will another horrid experience. At the testing site. You can see a lot of interesting things.Some were overconfident. Some were a bit worried. Some talks as if he can do it, but apparently not as well as he could. The JPJ officer were quite nice especially the pak cik-pak cik. The mak cik -mak cik however, was the opposite. You know what I mean right. They just make you more nervous. We just need a little cheerfulnes to overcome the nervousity.

My cousin got married last Saturday. Had to be there from Friday to Saturday in Air Hitam, Kedah, helping my aunts and uncles. There's interesting tale............... I wanna leave it to next time.

Happy Holiday!!!


As said...

pasal makcik makcik tuh. Memang ah,

I once experienced few years ago..garang, senyap, stiff..hehe..

seb bek lepas :D

asaln eh makcik pakcik len2..isk3

Anonymous said...

owh it;s not a big deal, yeah, i got nothng to post(my blog).. whether old or not, just posting

MNM said...

mak cik tu tension kot kna wat kerja tu hari-hari. ramai yg fail sebab makcik2 ni dgr ceritanyer....

Sham Nanba-Senpai:

Herzlich Wilkomen or 歓迎 in Japanese. Hehe, saje je komen, kasi meriah