Sunday, November 23, 2008

A story of annoyance...


It's been a while I haven't updated my blog. Nurilahi been bugging me to update my blog, so here there are...... Been very busy lately, got my driver test tomorrow. Anyway, here I would like to share with you about a guy from a friend of mine. He(my friend) had been telling me stories about this guy he met a long time ago . Its quite interestig though......

Here is just the summary....Whatever he says is right in his judgement. That guy in a certain sense can not takes the ideas from other people. He want people to follow and obey him. People usually keep quiet and just follow bluntly in order to avoid any hostility. Its just that whenever you talk back, he always have a way to get back at you. His action sometimes really annoys those near to him. What ever he said is different from what he did.S o, the best solution my friend said is to just keep quiet and never hit back. Just keep all of your anger secluded in your heart. Don't know when its going to burst though.... My friend had become irritated to the point that he just listen and reply to any question he ask awkwardly.

Listening to his story makes me think. This kind of person my friend been describing can't last long in this world. You've got to listen to others. If not a 'told you so' will happened later on. A pain in the neck will surely make you want to avoid that guy.



Kema Azeman said...

all the best for the test. me had to repeat for that highway driving test. sheesh!

anyway. i sumtimes afraid that i'll accidently become that kinda person...surely wont last long if so....huuuuuuuuuuuuu

btw. check garth nix's works. im currently following the keys to the kingdom. best giler okayyy~~~

As said...

congrats ah dah passed, pasni takyah aa kitorang jd driver ang

ang kna jadi our driver ah :D

erm..api takleh dengan api..nanti marak lak. Kawan yang duk memendam pun takleh simpan jek, kang die meletup. Been sharing the story with u, kire bagus ah. Takde ah jadi haba pendam sangat kawan tuh.

Moga Allah kekalkan kita dengan sikap2 yang baik sahaja, ameen..

alif zai mim ra said...


i've experience the situation before. i have this kind of friend. she likes to argue even for little things and usually she wins. her attitude really annoyed me till i decided to avoid from seeing her for some time.

but then, i felt guilty because i thought it was rude for me to do that to her though she might not notice. then i text her an apology sms. she didn't reply. i tried to see her but the situation was cold. we didn't talk much.

but later on, with the help of my friend and prayers, we got along again.

the point here is, sometimes, ppl just don't realize how they act and what they say. it's our responsibility to tell them that we're not comfortable with it. not just us, other ppl also will get affected and this is not good.

try to talk to ur friend nicely with hikmah. insyaAllah, he will change.

wallahua'lam. :)

MNM said...

thanks for the comment:

-pray that we will be hindered from these attitudes
-garth nix? x pernah dgr....

-tu laa, dh lama kawan tu pendam rasa hati dia...

alif zai mim ra
-wow, a new comer!! herzlich wilkomen.
- I will share with my friend about your advise...:)
-but if its too stubborn, you can't do anything though....

alif zai mim ra said...

that's welcome in i right? :P

well, if he's too stubborn, then don't ever give up. everything comes for a reason. thr's a reason why he's behaving as such. maybe it's genetic n he used to grow up with that kind of attitude, or maybe he wants attention. who knows, right? sometimes, we have to bear with it. let him be. (pulaukan kalau boleh.mcm kejam but it's for his sake.) kind of hard at first but u'll be fine. know the reason, then u'll get used to the attitude. and don't forget, pray always that he will understand and change. ;)

chaiyok2! :P

As said...

doa senjata mukmin :)