Friday, November 14, 2008

Clean your pc , laptop, notebook


Most people had been complaining to me why their pc or laptop has become like a "snail" over the years if compared to the time when they bought their new hardware. Thare are many reasons as to why your computer is behaving like a snail.  Here, I've listed a few.....

  1.  One of the reason is that you may have a too many install program which you haven't used for some time or even at all. These kind of program do eat a lot of your hard disk. Uninstall those that you don't want. There are many software avaible. As suggested by this month CHIP magazine, try the Revo Uninstaller . 

Here's the link  

2. Another eason is your registry. Some of your registry might have been corrupted and defective. These kind of thing tend to make your pc a bit slower than usual. I've usually use Tune Up 's Registry Cleaner because it's much easier .You can also C Cleaner. Here the download link:

3. Viruses, spyware, trojan is another headache. These kind of thing will certainly make your conputer slower in term of perfomance. Some of them are so smart that it can disabled your antivirus update system. The best way is that to have an antivirus and a spyware program separately. I've been using Spyware Terminator and AVG 8. So far the combination of those two really help me a lot. More importantly, your software must be up to date, update your's everyday if possible. If you want to have a go, here's the link:

There are more, but I leave it to next time. The three I've listed are the usual thing which might cause your computer to be a slow runner...

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