Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheap vs Expensive


Cheap versus Expensive. The title here can mean anything. I think the both of the term here covers from a human being to non living being. What the heck I'm babbling about..... To put it at ease, I would like to make a comparison of these two term.

  • Expensive stuff last longer ain't it? This is indeed true. During my secondary school years, I usually bought my black shoes from Bata. This shoes cost only RM30.00 at that time. It only lasted a year with the shoes getting ready to be ripped in half. Then when I was form 4, I've bought a pair from Levi which cost RM150.00. The cost is 5 times more expensive than the Bata's. Surprise-surprise, it lasted till my 2nd year at the IIUM Matriculation Center. The shoes is still ok, but my dad had used to do the gardening stuff. Now, its too messy and had to be thrown away.....sob..sob...

  • Cheap stuff sometimes better than the expensive one. Hmm, this statement is hard to describe.. if you look at it at one side its true. Try compare a cheap sugar(cheap brand) and expensive sugar(expensive brand). Both are sugar and tasted the same. Better buy the cheaper one then. You can save a lot of money.
Lets digress a bit.
This holiday I'll be taking my driver's license- 24th November. A license to grill anyone I like. Pray for me that I pass. Apart from that, got to mow the grass around my house. Should take a week to complete, since the premise is big. And finally, my cousin is getting married this 29th November at Air Hitam, Kedah which is KM 18 Jln Putra. It'll be a bit busy for me.( My aunt urged me to come and help her). Again finally, my little brother will 'bersunat' this 1st December. Got to take care of him for a while... Congrats to my 'anak saudara', Faiz n Along(can't remember her real name though) for getting 4A n 1B for the UPSR. This is just the beginning, long way to go.....


Knowlee said...

Hello my ex-junior!
All the best for your driving test!

MNM said...

ok, thanxs u very much...

As said...

all the best, pasni leh ah jadi driver as lak :D

pasal cheap and expensive, tu kena pandai2 ah kan :)

selamat berkenduri kendara

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